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Miss Ashley

I adore working at MCG because of the fostered community we have built within the staff and the families. Our school is tight-knit, where we have grown with all of the children who learn with us! Every staff member, parent, and child has had a specific impact on me since the first day I started working here. I love that I will be able to remember every child and the many lessons they have taught me while working with them further. Working at MCG has extended my love for teaching and the amazing community that comes with it.

I love that every day I come to MCG, I am greeted with hugs and happiness. Even when I am away at college, each child greets me with huge of pure joy when I come back. As well, I love working with children because I can see their progress and individual growth first-hand. I have noticed this more when I am away at school and come back, a toddler who wasn't speaking before can now speak confidently, or a child who was unsure of the "100 board" now takes out the work and does it independently. Each of their successes warms my heart with pride.

One of my favorite memories was working with a child in the 3-6 classroom; she kept doubting her ability to complete a work, so we worked on positive talks to ourselves to boost confidence and to keep trying! I walked away to let her work independently and once she finished the extension, she came to me with such excitement that she did all by herself.