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Miss Danielle

One of the things I love about MCG families is the encouragement and positive feedback we receive from family members. MCG families are always willing to help on a daily basis on any school activities. The families are always very supportive and make our MCG school a whole community.

What I love about MCG are the memorable funny stories I hear from the students on a daily basis. Even on gloomy days it only takes one child to change it around where I am laughing in tears.

When I'm thinking that I'm teaching a child something new, I discover that they teach me something new every day. It's a rewarding feeling watching a child grow and succeed, especially when you have the opportunity to watch their smile brighten when they achieve a skill.

"The staff is what makes this school so unique - all the teachers are so caring and always keep me updated on the girls' progress and activities at school. "

The Wey Family