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Miss Jacqui

I truly enjoy spending my days working with children. The classroom is carefully prepared to provide a structured and peaceful environment in which the children can independently explore materials and develop their academic and social skills. I believe the Montessori environment allows each child to learn and grow on their own individual level. The materials are self-correcting so the children learn and build confidence in their work and themselves. This ensures that each and every child feel pride and success in their work.

Working with the children daily gives me the opportunity to build a relationship with each individual child and learn how to help them to accomplish the goals they seek. These goals may be as small as learning to pour water or as large as learning to read. The moments I cherish the most as a teacher are those when the child accomplishes a goal for the first time. No matter how big or small the task, their little eyes sparkle with pure pride and joy! Usually the words “I did it” follow the sparkle! As a teacher I am fortunate to have the opportunity to experience this joy on a daily basis. Because no two children are the same, each day at MCG brings new and exciting adventures. This makes for a very happy and always intriguing environment to work in.

I enjoy spending time with the children as a group as well. I enjoy singing, playing group activities on the line and especially reading stories to the children. Although I enjoy a very large variety of authors, my all time favorites are Dr. Seuss and Mo Willems.

Another benefit of working at MCG is the staff. The members of the staff are all happy, positive and creative. We all work together to make every day a good day! We work closely as a team to ensure that each and every child has the best possible experience each day.

We also work to build trusting relationships with the families of our students. The environment at MCG is more like a family community rather that just a school. We have several events throughout the school year where families can meet each other and spend time getting to know the staff. This family based environment makes parents feel at ease and know their children are loved, respected and cared for during their school day.

A work day at MCG isn’t anything at all like any job I have ever had. It’s more like enjoying each day with your extended family and friends.

"We want to tell you we appreciate all you do for our kids, because of the labor you're putting in for them, we wanted to thank you."

The Diaz Family