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Montessori Education

What is the Montessori method?

Montessori Philosophy

The Montessori Method was first developed by European doctor Maria Montessori. The foundation of the philosophy is that every child develops at their own individual pace and level. While developing, all children deserve to be treated with respect and provided with choices and interesting alternatives with which to develop their learning potentials. The Montessori classroom looks and feels a bit different. Here's how:
  • Child-centered vs. teacher-led

    The teacher's role in the Montessori classroom is to provide the environment, rich in opportunities, for the child. The teacher then follows the child as they engage in the many experiences in the classroom. With guidance from the teacher, the child makes choices throughout the day and develops their own self-discipline in order to become a more independent learner. The child is an active participant in the learning process and may be observed working independently or in small groups.

  • Mixed age groups

  • Concrete materials

  • Freedom of choice

  • Real-life experiences