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Purple Room

The purple room is where the Montessori journey begins. Children as young as two take their first steps into their "school home" here. They are guided every step of the way by teachers that follow the child's lead and before long, they have not only transitioned, but are thriving in their new environment. 

Blue Room

The Blue room is one of our 3-6 classrooms, guiding children from their first two years of preschool through their kindergarten year. The mixed age group feels like an "extended family" of sorts with a culture that fosters respect and awareness of others. 

Yellow Room

The Yellow room is another 3-6 classroom offering a community of children from preschool through kindergarten. In the mixed age group classroom, children learn from each other. This is true not only in academics, but also as it applies to the whole child. The children are experiencing and mastering lifelong skills such as responsibility, leadership skills, and confidence.