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Welcome From Our Founder

Thanks for visiting and taking the time to get a peek inside Montessori Children’s Garden (MCG). My name is Teresa Heinen and I am the founder and Director of Montessori Children’s Garden. With the blessing of a committed staff of teachers, MCG has taught and fostered the growth of hundreds of students in the Fox Valley area. It’s that dedication to the Fox Valley area that has built a solid reputation as a school of choice in Aurora, Oswego, Naperville and the surrounding areas.

I understand the importance of choosing a learning environment that’s just right for your child. When you visit MCG, you will meet with me early on and we’ll walk the process of choosing a “school home” for your child together. If after spending some time learning about what makes us special, you decide to join our community, my hope is we’ll become long time partners in your child’s early steps in their educational journey. You’ll see me on a daily basis at school, and hopefully come to see myself, along with our talented staff, as a valuable resource as we parent and educate side by side.

I urge you to read on to gain a bit more insight into what makes Montessori Children’s Garden a unique place where we love to “help small ones grow”. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Teresa Heinen

Founder and Director, Montessori Children’s Garden