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Miss Cyndi

Our students have the best sense of humor and are always thinking. I love how their minds work and the funny things they say! These are just a few…

I was talking one day with a child about dinosaurs and explaining the word "extinct". Ava was working on a floor map near us, coloring in the countries. All of a sudden she popped up and said, "My pink is extinct!" and walked happily to the shelf to find a pink pencil.

We always say if you're a 3:00er, then please line up at the door, or get your things and sit in the garden. Emma asked me one day "What o'clocker am I?"

Or there was the time when working with Flint on a floor rug and another child standing over us sneezed. I said, 'Bless you!' And Flint said, 'He blessed all over you." Moments like that you have to see the humor. Our students make me smile each and every day!

"We love and adore Miss Cyndi!"

The Gardner Family