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Miss Teresa

As a working mom my whole life, I understand first hand how important it is to leave your child in an environment you trust. We have worked hard to be that “family” for the parents that trust their children with us every day. We are diligent in seeking and training staff members so that the people that join our staff are excited and dedicated to what they do. These are critical years for our children.

I love being a part of a philosophy of education that guides a child in the classroom so respectfully. It just makes common sense to allow a child the freedom to discover and soak everything up. When I take a second to enjoy some of what goes on in our halls with our students and families - I’m that much more committed to the philosophy of Maria Montessori and our goals for children in our community.

Here's a sweet snapshot of a card I received from a Kindergarten student. Although I love the sentiment, I realized the school has grown to be much more than just a building. It's a community of people dedicated to education and working together to "help small ones grow."

"The teachers are so nurturing and always around with a smile, we truly feel at home at MCG, they are part of our family."

The Meza family