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Miss Terry

I love working and being a part of Montessori Children's Garden. This is the place where we grow together, day by day and throughout the year. With a mixture of smiles and laughs, warm hugs, and a knowing desire that we are all in this together! The staff and families really have a bond and you can see that in the way we do our very best together!

The Montessori Children students are those beautiful buds and new blossoms that begin here but as time goes on, we get a chance to see them grow and blossom into beautiful children inside and out! There is a caring and looking out of each other that the students carry with them and in turn they get to put into practice as the older student helps the younger and thus becomes the "teacher". I so enjoy watching them guide and care for one another. It is also wonderful to hear, "I did it" as the student cries from deliberate practice and now the task at hand is accomplished all on their very own.

Some of my favorite memories are those when a child shows another child a "new" work or a student tenderly takes another student by the hand to help them out. You can see it on their faces when they are helping or the one being helped both often are beaming. MCG is a great place to be!